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Protecting Your Natural Gas Site

Gas Security Systems

Natural gas refineries often have a great need for constant, reliable infrastructure security due to the nature of their business and the large number of security issues they face, such as thievery, protesters and weather/natural disaster concerns.(more…)

Three Reasons to Consider a Local Security Firm for Oil & Gas Drilling

Are You Considering Kellington Protective Services?

The Marcellus Shale is having a tremendous economic impact on Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, including Ohio, West Virginia and southern New York; but to capitalize on the opportunities, natural gas companies also have to make a serious investment with costly equipment, site maintenance and most importantly, employees.(more…)

Protective Services

Are you Prepared for the Worst?

Being Prepared

When thinking of home security or protection services, we often think of burglaries or intruders. But environmental emergencies such as floods, tornadoes and hurricanes can also affect the safety of our homes as well as the people in them. Emergencies can also occur inside a home, whether it be a stove fire that has gone out of control, or a water pipe that has burst.(more…)

New Home Owner

Tips for New Home Owners

Are You a New Home Owner?

Buying a home is both an exciting and overwhelming process. As a new homeowner you want to be sure that your home is comfortable, attractive and safe. Whether you live on your own or with your family, your home's safety should be at the top of your list of new homeowner concerns.(more…)

Protective Service

Living on Your Own and Staying Safe

Don't Be Afraid of Being on Your Own

Living alone can be an enjoyable experience with exceptional privacy, freedom, and quiet alone time. However, if something goes wrong while living alone, individuals can be in danger because there will not be others around to notify emergency first responders. In the past, this was a barrier to living alone for many who had to worry about the consequences of these potential issues on their health and other concerns. Today, individuals looking to live alone can stay safe by using the services of a security company. Throughout automated systems, these companies are able to stay in touch with the individual resident and notify medical personnel in the event of an emergency. Below is an explanation of how protective services can help people living alone today.(more…)

Kellington Protection Services: A Leader in Corporate Security

Kellington Protection Services

Aaron Kellington, the President and CEO of Kellington Protection Service, knows how important an experienced, high-quality security service is for commercial industries and residential locations in the Tri-state area. His duties as the head of Kellington Protection include providing uniformed, armed and unarmed security officers for residential communities, commercial properties, hotels and banks.(more…)