The Marcellus Shale is both a booming, profitable industry in Pennsylvania and across the Northeast, and as with all profitable industries comes with security concerns. Kellington Protection is committed to providing the highest level of security services and customer service to both existing Marcellus Shale companies as well as those looking to expand into the area. We bring with us a highly trained professional staff with an intimate knowledge of the area as well as the skills to protect your industrial assets.

Kellington Protection has both the tools and the knowledge to effectively secure your establishment. The Marcellus Shale field will continue to expand and it’s important to ensure that none of your efforts or equipment will be affected by security threats. Kellington Protection gives you the peace of mind knowing that your Marcellus Shale assets are in safe, competent hands. We have the training, knowledge and experience to address your unique security concerns regarding your Marcellus Shale site.

Training, Knowledge and Experience in:

  • Access control – Record visitors/vendors
  • Site patrol
  • Note and report site hazards
  • Prevent unauthorized visitors
  • Control loitering around site

The equipment required to run and maintain a Marcellus Shale drilling site is a huge investment. Kellington Protection has the tools, the experience and the knowledge to protect your investment with our fantastic Marcellus Shale security services. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our customers and creating lasting and prosperous partnerships.

We provide:

  • Armed or unarmed security guards.
  • Custom-built, heated and air-conditioned, ground-level security stations
  • Hi-visibility wire gates
  • Light tower and generator, with containment (fuel included)
  • Portable restroom
  • 100% accuracy in the site personnel count – essential for emergency situations
  • Documentation, including log-in and log-out times, for all personnel and vehicles entering and leaving each site.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) safety check of all personnel entering each site.
  • Access Security to ensure that only authorized personnel enter each site.
  • Fluids leak check of all trucks entering and leaving a site, so that potential or actual spills can be evaluated and handled immediately, before more expensive cleanup efforts are needed.
  • Long-range, flexible two-way radio repeater system for security stations and traffic controllers:
    1. Crystal clear, digital encrypted communications with multiple channels.
    2. System-integrated base, mobile and hand-held radios.
    3. Capability to link our radio system to two-way radios purchased by clients for company men and managers.
  • Security station cell phones
  • Safety and traffic control signs
  • Safety orientations that can be read or distributed to all personnel entering sites.
  • Marked vehicles to patrol non-active sites and/or landowner areas.
  • Strong training programs and supervision
  • Coordination with local emergency providers to ensure rapid and accurate response to emergency situations.
  • Customized procedures and policies for each client.

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