It’s that time of year again and holiday shopping is just around the corner. During the busy shopping season, theft is at its peak. If you have ever been to a big box retail store on Black Friday, you can attest to the fact that the scene is more often than not busy and chaotic. For a consumer it can be hard to feel safe with increased crowds, noise, and later shopping hours. Businesses can benefit from hiring a security guard during this time of year for a variety of reasons.

Deterring Theft

The presence of security guards can deter theft before it happens. In areas where security guards are present, there is a notable reduction in theft.


Crowd Control

Security personnel can assist with directing crowds in busy shopping facilities, or wherever crowds may exist. They are able to ensure that blocked off areas are not entered, as well as keep the flow of traffic moving.

Monitoring the Premises

Having a security guard monitor your premises assists with the identification of suspicious activity. Oftentimes those getting ready to commit a crime will possess certain behaviors that security guards are trained to detect.

Handling Crime

In the unfortunate event that a crime does occur, security officers can assist with the identification and/or detainment of the criminal(s) while waiting for police to arrive.


Having the presence of security officer’s onsite provides shoppers with a sense of ease and security. It has been reported that shoppers prefer having security personnel present in busy shopping centers during the holiday season.

Not only is security personnel great for shopping facilities, but they are ideal for large events and in places where there has been a reported crime spike. Certain areas, such as busy cities benefit from added security since police cannot be on hand 24/7. Security officers will not only keep merchandise from disappearing, they will also keep customers happy and safe with their presence. The benefit for businesses is seen by a decrease in loss and an increase in customer traffic.

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