One of the trends of today’s savvy homeowner is to incorporate technology that not only manages the home, but secures it. This goes beyond automated warming drawers in the kitchen—we’re talking about security measures using connected devices such as locks, energy conservation measures, and lighting. Not only does this level of automation keep your home more secure and safe and comfortable, it will increase the value of it should you decide to sell.

Why Professional installation is key

How do you get started? Many early adopters love to do it themselves. They like to tinker when it comes to technology. If you fall into that camp, please consider another option. In order to be sure your setup is safe and well connected, we recommend you turn to a trusted professional from a known security company.


Pittsburgh-based Kellington has a long proven record of connecting devices for residential and commercial security purposes.

What Kellington provides

We install, connect, test, and maintain. Then we monitor. How does this benefit you?

  • Protection against unwanted access
  • Custom configuration per your requirements
  • Ongoing system security maintenance
  • Safety as a top priority
  • Access to a professional monitoring center that dispatches authorities when a breech to your system occurs

What are the features of an automated home?

  • Remotely monitor via your phone what’s happening in and around your home like who’s pulling up your driveway.
  • Never return to a dark home at night again; automate lights so they turn on inside and out when you desire.
  • Did you lock the door? Now you can—remotely.
  • Save on energy costs—automate the thermostat so that it begins to cool your home in the warmer months only when you’re about to arrive home (either after the working day or upon your return from vacation).

Understand the risks

As with any smart technology, no system is bulletproof. Unfortunately hackers do compromise connected devices and gain access to your personal data. This is another reason why we strongly advise people to turn to a professional and understand the risks involved. Today’s breeches in security are less about broken windows and stolen items off your counter—criminals now may tamper with and change your pin passwords to gain access.

Our advice when it comes to your solution

  • Turn to trusted professionals for installation that uses firewalls and antivirus protection
  • Request guarantee that devices are configured with security a must
  • Password protect your home and mobile devices including your Wi-Fi network
  • Ensure your smart devices are Z-Wave certified
  • Avoid unreliable networks