At Kellington Protection Service, we understand what is necessary to handle the new challenges and responsibilities constantly evolving in commercial and residential security. Our officers are trained and chosen for their exceptional inter-personal and observation skills. Often serving as the first impression of an establishment, our officers are courteous, efficient and helpful. We work with a number of different industries including, but not limited to, oil & gas, schools, financial institutions, hospitality, retail, sporting events and much more.

The mission of Kellington Protection “KPS” is to safeguard the health, ensure the safety and protect the property of every client we do business with. We work closely with you, staff, administrators, the community, local law enforcement and many more in order to maintain, not only a safe, but also a secure environment.

About Our Security Staff

All of our officers must pass an extensive background check including criminal background checks through the State Police. We hire no one with a felony or misdemeanor conviction, as per PA and OH statutes, and we hire no one with a history of violence, anger management issues or spousal abuse. We hire only personnel that show a high regard for professionalism in their appearance. Security means to deter and if our officers look the part they will deter security breach attempts. Integrity and loyalty are two characteristics that all of the officers must possess.


Our Security Experts will train the officers site specific. Our training is broken into two parts, classroom training and field service training. A large part of our classroom training involves educating our guards about what security and safety issues to look for at a site as well as why our jobs are so important. By using our elite security force you won’t be able to tell the difference between government officers or our security force except it will be more cost efficient to accomplish the mission.

Training Criteria

  • Firearms training
  • Laws and regulations
  • K-9 training
  • Search and seizures
  • Report writing
  • Proper uniform attire
  • First-aid and fire training
  • Standard operation procedures
  • Interview techniques
  • Physical training
  • Emergency response training
  • Evidence handling

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