Kellington Protection Services provides the Pittsburgh area with superior security services for a variety of industries. Large and small businesses alike can benefit from hiring security protection. The presence of security personnel has been known to deter criminal activity which is why a variety of businesses use security personnel to keep their property, employees, and customers safe.

Security personnel have a variety of functions including preventing crime, protecting assets, and reporting information to law enforcement.

Crime Prevention

Having uniformed security officers on site can prevent unwanted intrusions from potential criminals and prevent theft and vandalism. Security personnel will patrol the premises and be on the lookout for any suspicious and potentially criminal activity. The presence of security officers also deter minor instances from occurring that may disrupt business, such as providing crowd control, monitor and identifying people entering a business, inspecting incoming packages, and patrolling poorly lit areas such as parking garages.


Security personnel protects a company’s property, employees, and customers. In the event that a crime is taking place, the security officer will take action and provide protection from potential harm in a threatening situation. KPS offers the option of highly trained armed and unarmed security officers, depending on your specific needs.


Security officers provide valuable information to the police in the case of a crime. They will document suspicious activity and persons, as well as the activities that led up to the crime. This information can assist police in finding and apprehending criminals.


Whether you need protection on a daily basis or for a specific event, Kellington Protection Services can assist you in providing trained security officers for a variety of functions and venues. KPS officers are provided site-specific training to ensure that they will fit in with your current staff and understand your business. Our officers have a wide variety of training in different industries to guarantee that you have the best protection available.