Are You a New Home Owner?

Buying a home is both an exciting and overwhelming process. As a new homeowner you want to be sure that your home is comfortable, attractive and safe. Whether you live on your own or with your family, your home’s safety should be at the top of your list of new homeowner concerns.

Here are some useful safety tips for new home owners:

Don’t Advertise Your New Home Purchases
It may not even cross your mind, but you want to be careful with what you put out at the curb for trash pickup. That huge new flat screen television box or packaging from a high end furniture store may act as advertisements for unscrupulous people to think about burglarizing your new home. Discreetly dispose of any kind of waste that may let others know what new items you have purchased for your new home.

Change the Locks
It should go without saying, but sometimes new homeowners forget to change the locks on their new home. There is no way to know who has a key to the previous owner’s home, and you certainly don’t want anyone you don’t know to have access to your home. When changing your locks, make sure you change them on every door, including the garage. There are many locks available to provide your home with an extra level of protection services. Longer length deadbolts and locks that require a pin pad entry are two examples of locks that you can choose for your new home.

Check the Home for Potential Security Issues
Check every point of entry (windows, doors, basement well windows, and exterior basement or crawlspace access points.) You want to be sure that all points are working properly, have functioning locks and are not easy to open when closed and locked. If the previous owner had protection services installed, there may be out of date alarms and locks that may not have been serviced in years.

Have a Security System Installed Right Away
Kellington Security Services is a full service security company based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As experts in their field, they understand the importance of having protection services installed as soon as possible when a new home is purchased. A new home owner who has their home protection services installed and ready to go upon moving in can rest easy and enjoy their home with great peace of mind.

The tips recommended above are simple ways to insure that your home remains as safe and secure as possible. It only takes a little bit of time to protect yourself and your family, so be sure to make your home’s security a priority.