Kellington Protection Services

Aaron Kellington, the President and CEO of Kellington Protection Service, knows how important an experienced, high-quality security service is for commercial industries and residential locations in the Tri-state area. His duties as the head of Kellington Protection include providing uniformed, armed and unarmed security officers for residential communities, commercial properties, hotels and banks.

“I’ve been protecting clients, sites, and companies for more than 15 years. I work closely with clients to assess the appropriate staffing level for each location, and task my security experts to train our officers in the classroom and the field. Every security operation is tailored to your specific site, ensuring that your protection details are being followed every day,” says Mr. Kellington.

In additional to hiring and training staff, Mr. Kellington also oversees progressive training programs for security and safety procedures for his clients’ workforce, as well as executive protection for clients in high-profile commercial industries.

Oil and Gas Drilling Security

The booming oil and gas industry in the PA tri-state area requires a dedicated security service to guard millions of dollars of assets. Kellington Protection Service provides staff to monitor drill sites and conduct site inspections to ensure industry standards are being met.

“Marcellus Shale development and drilling has become a huge industry in the past decade in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. The equipment that is used at the site is a very large investment that must be protected. We offer access control, site patrol, and also report site hazards,” Mr. Kellington explains.

School and Campus Safety

A well-guarded school is a key component of an effective campus security program. Aaron Kellington trains the professional protection services that guard primary, secondary, and university campuses during the school day and at special events. Besides supplying trained officers and patrols, his company sets up access and crowd control programs, emergency response procedures, and evacuations.

Industrial Security

Kellington Protection Service develops and implements security programs for industrial companies, including trucking terminals, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and research and development divisions.

“We conduct inspections of each site to guarantee that we are exceeding both industry standards and our clients’ requirements in every business and organization for which we work. Your protection is our business,” says Kellington.

Kellington Protection Service is licensed in Pennsylvania, New York, West Virginia, Texas, and Oklahoma, and has offices in Pittsburgh, Williamsport, St. Mary’s, and Washington, PA. Contact them today for security solutions for your business, school, or residential area.