Don’t Be Afraid of Being on Your Own

Living alone can be an enjoyable experience with exceptional privacy, freedom, and quiet alone time. However, if something goes wrong while living alone, individuals can be in danger because there will not be others around to notify emergency first responders. In the past, this was a barrier to living alone for many who had to worry about the consequences of these potential issues on their health and other concerns. Today, individuals looking to live alone can stay safe by using the services of a security company. Throughout automated systems, these companies are able to stay in touch with the individual resident and notify medical personnel in the event of an emergency. Below is an explanation of how protective services can help people living alone today.

Emergency Notifications

In the event of a life-threatening injury, individuals may be unable to reach the phone in time. This can result in unnecessary death due as an individual struggles on the floor unable to get assistance. With the help of protective services, those living alone can stay safer by having an effective means of reaching out for help in the event of an emergency. Through an unobstructive wrist band, individuals can get professional assistance at the touch of a button. In many cases, this can result in lives being saved as medical first responders will be able to reach the individual in time to take action.

Routine Checkups

Instead of trying to survive alone, working with others can be a much safer way to go. When living alone, having someone to see at least once a week to make sure that a person is safe can be very helpful. Kellington Protective Services is able to assist individuals with receiving routine checkups to ensure good health and personal safety. These can be either personalized or through the phone to live a safer life while living alone.

Security Protection

When using protective services, individuals can also rest assured because they will also get home security benefits. Millions of homes suffer from a break in each year and this can cause both an emotional and economic toll. Even if covered by insurance, a break-in can still result in intangible losses that might not be covered under an insurance policy.

Other Considerations

In addition to working with protective services, individuals should also investigate other solutions to make their lives safer. Individuals should take the time to meet neighbors since they might be one’s only mode of communication during an emergency. Those vulnerable to slips and falls should make sure that potentially hazardous items are removed from the home altogether. Items within the home should also be rearranged to minimize the chances of an accident occurring due to a fall.

Get Started

Individuals living alone have no reason to fear any longer. Kellington Protective Services is located in Pittsburgh, PA and can assist with providing assistance for people living alone. Whether looking for extra security or getting help in an emergency, these services can make living alone much safer.