Are You Considering Kellington Protective Services?

The Marcellus Shale is having a tremendous economic impact on Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, including Ohio, West Virginia and southern New York; but to capitalize on the opportunities, natural gas companies also have to make a serious investment with costly equipment, site maintenance and most importantly, employees.


Unfortunately, managing a drilling site often comes with risk. In order to protect your investment and the people working on your site, oil and gas companies often outsource the protection of their sites to local firms.

Although it is hard to imagine attacks on rigs like the ones we hear of overseas, those companies taking advantage of shale plays across the U.S. — and particularly at the Marcellus Shale — will have their own set of unique challenges.

Why should you consider hiring a local security company?

  • Protester Hostility. Oil and gas drilling is an extremely controversial topic, and disruptive activism can significantly effect production efforts. Although most protesters are non-violent, a local security firm can show a constant presence at your site and work with regional police to ensure the safety of all involved.
  • Thievery. A survey covering 31 of the top oil- and gas-producing counties in Texas found that the theft at production sites totaled about $78 million annually. Drill bits, copper and even costly hand tools are all potential items thieves can sell for a profit to pawn shops or junk yards. Local security firms can provide the equipment and personnel needed to thwart these crimes.
  • Disaster Preparedness. Domestic terrorism, weather events, bomb threats. No one wants these to happen, but oil and gas companies must be prepared to deal with any unforeseen events. Professional security companies can work in lockstep with an oil and gas company to develop a comprehensive emergency-readiness plan that can be implemented if needed.