Many homeowners choose a home in a gated community because of the added security it provides. You might be surprised to learn that although you gain an extra measure of security in terms of a dedicated guard, as with any security system, there are misconceptions.

What are the misconceptions?

I’m safer because I live in a gated community. Instead of being less of a target, homes in gated communities provide greater temptations. The homes are usually more valuable than the surrounding areas and definitely have the perception of being more valuable. Burglars may pose as repairmen or local representatives in order to gain access to the inside of the gated community.

A dedicated guard is better than none. Actually, research suggests that your home is more safe if it’s located in communities where the people band together and form active groups such as a neighborhood watch program. This is not to say that a gated community might not also have this “it takes a village” approach, but in the cases where the gate and guard offer a false sense of security, those homeowners could actually be at greater risk and not even realize it.

It doesn’t matter if our neighbors own or rent, the same security measures apply. Surprisingly, most gated communities don’t actually utilize the special-entry system for allowing people within the gates. Because some residences are rental properties, they are less than ideal security for residents who are depending on protection. Renters come and go and therefore weaken the personal connections.

We have an entry pad. With maintenance crews coming and going, teenagers with visiting friends, etc. all it takes is for one resident to give out that code and your have a breech in the system.

Nobody knows when I’m on vacation, so I’m safe. When a greater number of people practice communication on an on-going basis, they are collectively safer. Private home security systems are also beneficial when it comes to deterring criminals. This approach, where everyone is helping each other, goes a long way in home security.

The Solution?

The best way to be sure your home is safe is to invest in commercial protection services. A private security system will provide your home with all of the technology and communication that feeds automatically to the authorities. This approach, combined with a strong community, is the best defense against crime and the best way to protect your family.