Security Training

    Kellington Protection guards receive a minimum of four(4) hours of classroom training that cover the following areas:

    • General overview of drilling operations and the role of security and traffic control
    • Rules, procedures and policies of Kellington Protection
    • Logging procedures with practice sessions
    • Traffic control procedures

    [The logging protocols that are detailed in the Kellington Protection Operations Manual are our recommended logging protocols, but we will completely customize the protocols and training to fulfill the needs of our clients.]

    This classroom training includes lecture, video, pictures and Power Point presentations.

    Trainees must pass a written test before being released for field training.

    After the classroom training, guards receive a minimum of four(4) additional hours of field training, in a security station with one of our trainers.

    Guards are not placed in field positions by themselves until field trainers have qualified them as fit for duty.

    Periodic remedial or additional training is provided as needed.

    Regular email newsletters are sent out to update employees on new developments, to clarify issues and to cite examples of actual situations that have occurred and how they were handled – rightly or wrongly.

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