We want to thank your company for an outstanding job of protecting our property and belongings. They kept the nosey children and people away and kept a constant monitoring. They kept us informed of who entered and left and kept everything peaceful.

    John Z - Washington , PA

    Hiring a Security Guard

    Do You Need a Security Guard?

    It’s that time of year again and holiday shopping is just around the corner. During the busy shopping season, theft is at its peak. If you have ever been to a big box retail store on Black Friday, you can attest to the fact that the scene is more often than not busy and chaotic. For a consumer it can be hard to feel safe with increased crowds, noise, and later shopping hours. Businesses can benefit from hiring a security guard during this time of year for a variety of reasons.


    Secuirty Protections

    Kellington Protection Services provides the Pittsburgh area with superior security services for a variety of industries. Large and small businesses alike can benefit from hiring security protection. The presence of security personnel has been known to deter criminal activity which is why a variety of businesses use security personnel to keep their property, employees, and customers safe.


    What Can You Do

    No matter how old a parent get there is always the need to protect their children. Here are some helpful tips to help keep your child safe even when you are at a distance.


    Is your Home Safe and Secure

    One of the trends of today’s savvy homeowner is to incorporate technology that not only manages the home, but secures it. This goes beyond automated warming drawers in the kitchen—we’re talking about security measures using connected devices such as locks, energy conservation measures, and lighting. Not only does this level of automation keep your home more secure and safe and comfortable, it will increase the value of it should you decide to sell.


    Are Your Windows Burglar Proof?

    How secure are your windows? Even if you lock them, a burglar could break the glass or even lift the windows out of their tracks while secured. So, how do you keep your home and personal belongings safe?

    How do you rest easy on those warm summer nights when you’d like to leave the windows open for a little breeze?

    Tips to burglar proofing your windows

    Perimeter sensors. Speak to your commercial and residential security company about installing these sensors. If you want to be able to open your windows without disabling your home security system, your provider can install specialized sensors in the screens.

    Burgular Proof Window

    Install lights. A burglar who is choosing which house to target will more likely go with the one that is dark and easy to break into while they are hidden behind overgrown bushes. To combat this, use floodlights. You can set them on an automated timer to go on at dark, adjusting that time according to season, and this simple fix will help protect your home—even when you’re not there.

    Install motion-activated lights. Another option is the motion detected lighting. Here, the lights will automatically go on—startling, and hopefully deterring a burglar.

    Opt for reinforced glass. An intruder won’t be able to shatter or easily break tempered glass or even plexiglass. Make it difficult on them. Choose impact-resistant options.

    Choose Casement windows. Casement windows hinge at the top, side, or bottom. They also swing. If the handles don’t have locks, you may replace them with ones that do. Always be sure the key is accessible to you and your family members in the case of an emergency.

    Summer Security Tips

    Did you know more burglaries occur during the summer months than any other time of year? Enjoy those summery breezes through open blinds and open windows, but don’t forget to lock up when you leave. The last thing you want is to return home from a relaxing vacation to find you’ve been robbed.

    Gain extra security with these easy tips:


    Security Misconceptions

    Many homeowners choose a home in a gated community because of the added security it provides. You might be surprised to learn that although you gain an extra measure of security in terms of a dedicated guard, as with any security system, there are misconceptions.


    What can You Do to Prevent Burglary

    According to the FBI, residential burglaries account for approximately 75% of burglaries on average. Burglars can strike at any time and once they hit one house, they tend to hit a number of houses on the same street. This is why you hear about a string of robberies in neighborhoods. Your home and family are your most prized possessions and keeping them safe is your greatest responsibility. The good news is that residential security can be a few easy steps away.


    Keep up With the Maintenance on Your Security System

    Maintenance is a given part of homeownership. Just as you maintain your plumbing or your lawn or your roof, you must also maintain your home security system. It is the job of your residential security system to make sure your family is safe, and therefore it is important to regularly have your system checked to make sure that it is running and up to date.


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    Kellington Protection Service is excited to share that we have acquired additional office space in Carnegie and St. Clairsville, OH to house our growing staff and meet customer demand.