Background Checks

    All applicants are screened through drug testing and a preliminary criminal history check before their applications are processed further.

    The Pennsylvania Private Detective Act of 1953 forbids employment in the security field by anyone convicted of the following offenses:

    1. Any felony;
    2. moral turpitude;
    3. illegally using, carrying or possessing a pistol or other dangerous weapon;
    4. making or possessing burglar’s instruments;
    5. buying or receiving, stolen property;
    6. unlawful entry of a building;
    7. aiding escape from prison;
    8. unlawfully possessing or distributing habit forming narcotic drugs;
    9. picking pockets or attempting to do so;
    10. soliciting any person to commit sodomy or other lewdness;
    11. recklessly endangering another person;
    12. terroristic threats; or
    13. committing simple assault.

    In addition, Kellington Protection will not generally employ persons convicted some other offenses, such as spousal abuse or passing bad checks.

    The preliminary criminal record check is conducted through the Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System Webportal at This is an immediate check, but not a certified criminal history check. However, it accurately shows about 95% of criminal convictions so that applicants with convictions for felonies or any other crime that would preclude them from employment can be weeded out at the beginning of the employment process. It has the additional benefit of showing active court cases that have not yet reached the disposition phase.

    Applicants are then screened through the Pennsylvania State Police for the official, certified Criminal Record Check [See Addendum D: Criminal Record Checks].

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